Midero - Marketing sieciowy

SEM Complex is product created by us thanks to the years of experience of Supremum SEO.As part of SEM Complex we provide generic, local and long tail search engine optimization, as well as PR, backed up by a campaign of sponsored links. This way we use the full potential of an Internet search engine in the process of customer acquisition. We are visible in a search engine on the next day after signing a contract and then we reduce the cost of customer acquisition  by improving website position in organic search results.

Internet search engine Google analyses more than 200 factors to determine search results, which is why our company provides comprehensive care for the most important elements such as:

  1. Website:
    • Internet domain
    • hosting
    • SEO
    • care of current website updating
    • creation of unique and valuable content (Content Marketing)
  2. Social Media Profiles on:
    • Google+
    • Facebook

Care for each essential element taken into account by a search engine allows us to obtain stable results for keywords of generic type (e.g. house designs), local keywords (e.g. architect Kraków), long tail keywords (e.g. timber frame house designs for a narrow plot) and PR keywords (e.g. yourbrand, yourbrand opinions), so it is possible to reach a customer at every stage of decision making concerning a product, service, or a company.
During preparation of an offer, we focus on achieving concrete business results for your business, so it is necessary to carry out an analysis, set goals and choose a strategy.

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