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We believe that a website is like an additional employee who acquires additional clients for you.
Thanks to our commitment and cooperation with you we will reach your client at the moment when they need you.
We will implement an effective strategy and the right tools to make your customer find you quickly.


Supremum SEO’s mission is to provide high quality services related to Internet marketing for SMEs. In our work, special attention is paid to maintaining partnership relations based on cooperation as well as solving customers’ problems in an active and efficient way.

At the same time, one of our key objectives is to maintain price competitiveness. We act comprehensively, combining online promotion activities with technical assistance related to caring about a website. Our activities also include social media such as Facebook, Google Plus and contextual advertising networks. We are well aware that Internet marketing is one of the very rapidly changing industries, so we constantly improve the skills of our employees. Our services are directed primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises which want to become visible online through promotion in search engines and thus gain new customers. We have been operating on the market since as early as 2006. Thanks to this, our employees have a broad perspective on contemporary Internet marketing and entrepreneurs’ activities in this field. Many years of experience also allowed us to gain extensive knowledge of Google algorithms whose correct interpretation is essential for achieving high ranking positions. While conducting SEO activities, we use the latest and attested data analysis tools, offering additional unique and complementary services.

In our work we focus primarily on individual needs of our customers, offering them online promotion solutions that are efficient, long-lasting and fully adapted to the profile of their company. Our priority is customer satisfaction – we work in such a way that our customers want to recommend us to their business partners. We do not deny that our aspiration is to create one of the best agencies specializing in Internet marketing. Thanks to its innovative solutions and numerous certificates, Supremum SEO offer is of the highest standard in the field of promotion in search engines.