Midero - Marketing sieciowy

We have been providing Internet marketing services since 2006. Initially we acted as part of the advertising agency Supremum Group Sp. z o. o, as a division of New Media. The Internet was evolving very quickly and an increasing number of companies began to recognize the potential and effectiveness of SEO. The New Media division was growing quickly, winning new customers. At that time, the trend was to make remuneration dependent on work results. The dynamic changes that were occurring and continue to occur in Google search engine are significant and have direct impact on the appearance and content of our offer. Since the beginning of our team we have been offering our customers a service that is tailored to the latest requirements of the search engine. We react to any change introduced by Google. Development of the SEO and SEM industry and good reputation of our actions brought to us many new customers, who are still with us to this day. In 2009, as a result of this course of situation development, we decided to reorganize and separate company’s resources. We have become an independent company called Supremum SEO Sp. z o. o. The company was officially registered in January 2010.

Year 2013 was a time of many subsequent good changes. We expanded our team with new people. We also decided that we become a member of an international organization bringing together entrepreneurs. We are an active member of 5 BNI groups and 2 TEAM groups, where we succeed and gain new customers to who we provide services with diligence and conscientiousness. Supremum SEO also decided to open up to winning customers from abroad. To this end, we made several trips to the United States and Germany, where we were looking for partners.

Business owners who decide to acquire customers through the Internet need to be aware that the only one of effective tools for building brand popularity on the Internet is search engine. Appearing in search results is not difficult, however, appearing on one of the first positions requires much work and many non-standard measures. Because of Google’s numerous algorithms we changed our offer at the beginning of 2014, departing from the system of receiving remuneration on the basis of results only. We offer a package of services, through which a website acquires traffic from multiple distribution channels, which directly affect web traffic.

Our story continues …